2: Softball Coaching Bible, Volume II, The by National Fastpitch Coaches Association

2: Softball Coaching Bible, Volume II, The

Book Title: 2: Softball Coaching Bible, Volume II, The

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 1450424651

Author: National Fastpitch Coaches Association

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National Fastpitch Coaches Association with 2: Softball Coaching Bible, Volume II, The

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For more than a decade, coaches have relied on one classic resource for their every coaching need. Featuring the advice, wisdom, and insights from the sport’s legendary coaches, The Softball Coaching Bible, Volume I, has become the essential guide for coaches at every level worldwide.

The Softball Coaching Bible, Volume II, picks up where the first volume left off, providing more instruction, guidance, recommendations, and expertise for every aspect of the sport.

The NFCA has put together another stellar lineup of coaches who share the guidance that helped them establish such well-respected softball programs:

Patty Gasso

Jeanne Tostenson-Scarpello

Chris Bellotto

George Wares

Kris Herman

Bob Ligouri

Karen Weekly

Elaine Sortino

Frank Griffin

Bonnie Tholl

Michelle Venturella

Beth Torina

Jenny Allard

Ehren Earleywine

Erica Beach

Stacey Nuveman

John Tschida

Teena Murray

Donna Papa

Carol Bruggeman

Kyla Holas

Kelly Inouye-Perez

Sandy Montgomery

Rachel Lawson

Kristi Bredbenner

Deanna Gumpf

It’s all here—developing players, building a winning program, assessing and refining essential skills and techniques, and incorporating the most effective strategies for any opponent or in-game situation.

If you coach the sport and want a competitive edge in today’s game, The Softball Coaches Bible, Volume II, is the must-have resource for every season.